Registration for the Mestre Painting Prize 2020



Announcement and regulation


The Circolo Veneto, with the support of the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia, announces a prize competition which aims to promote and enhance contemporary pictorial art.

The Award is sponsored by: the Veneto Region, the Metropolitan City of Venice, the Municipality of Venice. The competition foresees the selection of 50 works that will be exhibited in the Collective Finalists Exhibition at the Candiani Cultural Center in Mestre, from 19 September to 18 October 2020. The finalist works will also be published in full page in the exhibition catalog published by the Musei Civici Foundation of Venice.

The winners of the purchase prizes and the winners of further prizes will be decreed by the fifty finalists as indicated in article 3.


The theme of the competition is FREE. The competition is open to all without limits of age, gender, nationality. In order to participate in the Prize, the works must be able to be classified as paintings even if in full stylistic and technical freedom and must have been created from 2019 onwards. Each artist can participate with a single work whose size must not exceed 130 cm in base and 150 cm in height, including the frame.

The selected works must be sent with a special hanger (even if without a frame). Framed works must fall within the indicated dimensions and be free of glass.

The selection phase takes place on the basis of the photographic material sent by the participants at the time of registration (only the works entered in the competition can be selected by the Jury and be exhibited at the final exhibition).


Tra tutti i partecipanti al Premio, la Giuria Tecnica decreterà i finalisti e successivamente i vincitori dei premi acquisto.

  • 1° PREMIO 5.000,00 €. L'opera entrerà a far parte della Collezione dei Musei Civici di Venezia (Ca' Pesaro Galleria Internazionale d'Arte Moderna) e verrà esposta per un mese, a novembre 2020, presso il Padiglione Venezia della Biennale, nel contesto della 17 Mostra Internazionale di Architettura.

  • 2° PREMIO 2.500,00 €. L’opera verrà esposta presso enti o Istituzioni culturali cittadine.

  • 3° PREMIO 1.500,00 €. L’opera verrà esposta presso enti o Istituzioni culturali cittadine.

  • Premio Speciale Mestre 1.500,00 €. Premio speciale a cui concorrono i soli artisti che raffigurano nella loro opera la città di Mestre. Il tema del Premio speciale Mestre è "Tra fantasia e realtà". La città sta cercando di mutare il suo aspetto architettonico e culturale per diventare anello di congiunzione tra Venezia e l’area metropolitana salvaguardando la propria storia, proiettandola nel futuro. L’opera premiata verrà esposta permanentemente presso il Municipio di Mestre.


Among all the participants in the Prize, the Technical Jury will decide the finalists and subsequently the winners of the purchase prizes.

  • 1st PRIZE € 5,000.00. The work will become part of the Collection of the Civic Museums of Venice (Ca 'Pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art) and will be exhibited for a month, in November 2020, at the Venice Pavilion of the Biennale, in the context of the 17th International Exhibition of Architecture.

  • 2nd PRIZE € 2,500.00. The work will be exhibited at city cultural bodies or institutions.

  • 3rd PRIZE € 1,500.00. The work will be exhibited at city cultural bodies or institutions.

  • Premio Speciale Mestre € 1,500.00. Special prize to which only the artists who represent the city of Mestre in their work. The theme of the Mestre Special Prize is "Between fantasy and reality". The city is trying to change its architectural and cultural aspect to become a link between Venice and the metropolitan area, safeguarding its history, projecting it into the future. The awarded work will be permanently exhibited at the Mestre City Hall.

Among all the participants in the Prize, the Technical Jury will choose the finalists and subsequently the winners of the purchase prizes.

* The works awarded through the type of "purchase bonus" will actually be purchased (and will remain the property) by the Bodies, Companies or Individuals who made the awards available. As for the law, a withholding tax will be made on the purchase and cash premiums. All finalist artists will also compete for the award of the POPULAR JURY PRIZE. In addition to the aforementioned awards, the Jury reserves the right to award OTHER AWARDS to the finalist artists.

All participants in the prize will receive a certificate of participation.


Artists must register by July 15, 2020, by filling in the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM available on this page.

The registration fee is set at € 25.00 to partially cover secretarial expenses.

Payment of the registration fee can be made with:

  • Postal Bulletin: c / c n. 95545778 - payable to "Il Circolo Veneto" with the reason "Registration of the Mestre Prize, name, surname of the artist".

  • Bank transfer: to IBAN: IT64P0760102000000095545778, BIC / SWIFT: BPPIITRRXXX - made out to "Il Circolo Veneto" with the reason "Registration for Mestre Prize, name, surname of the artist".

N.B. Artists not in compliance with the registration fee will not be taken into consideration for the selection.

N.B. Shipping: the works must not be sent in the registration phase, but must be sent only by the finalist artists for the collective exhibition.

N.B. The finalist Artists must be in compliance with the declared measures and the work must correspond to the photographic image sent for selection.


The jury, which will select the finalists and subsequently the prize winners, is made up as follows: Philippe Daverio (President); Gabriella Belli, director of the Venice Civic Museums Foundation; Giuseppe La Bruna, Director of the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice; Michele Bonuomo, editor of the monthly magazine 'Arte' Mondadori; Roberto Zamberlan, Bevilacqua la Masa Foundation and Marco Dolfin, curator of the exhibition and secretary of the jury.

The results of the selections will be published on the website and the selected ones notified individually.

The announcement of the winners will take place on the occasion of the awards ceremony at the Toniolo Theater in Mestre (Saturday 3 October 2020 at 8 pm).

The Jury's judgment is unquestionable and incontrovertible; any possibility of appeal is therefore excluded.

The exhibition will be set up and organized by the Venice Civic Museums Foundation and the Circolo Veneto.

The transport costs (round trip) and any insurance of the works will be borne by the individual artists.


Registration deadline: July 15, 2020.

Selected Collective Exhibition of the Mestre Painting Award 2020: Paint on 18 September 2020 at 18 at the Candiani Cultural Center of Mestre, closing on 18 October 2020.

Proclamation of the winners at the Toniolo Theater in Mestre: Saturday 3 October 2020 at 8 pm. The Organization reserves the right to extend the deadlines of the announcement if the need arises and communicate them in good time to all participants. The Organization will send by e-mail to all members the communications regarding all phases of the Award and any changes that may be made to this announcement.


The Organization of the Prize, while ensuring the utmost care and custody of the works received, declines all responsibility for any theft, fire or damage of any nature to the works that may occur during the stages of the event.


Each participant expressly authorizes the Organization to process personal data transmitted pursuant to law 196/2003.

Each participant in the competition grants the Organization of the Prize free of charge the reproduction rights of the works, for the purpose of drawing up the catalog and for other forms of communication and promotion, online and on paper.

The organizers of the competition will have the right to make a final decision on anything not specified in this announcement.

The Organization reserves the right to make changes to the notice if the need arises and communicate them in time.

Membership and participation in the Prize imply unconditional acceptance of all the articles of this announcement: in addition, each participant agrees, if identified among the winners of the purchase prizes, to transfer the work to the buyer.


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